Symposium. In vino veritas

Relational performance that explores the question of utility and the ultimate purpose of things. Through the use of the banquet, this piece addresses the process of constructing things and the need to make them into something that serves. That serves us. A sine qua non condition that constitutes our relationship with the world and the way we inhabit it.

A space and a time where language and aroma flow through the fusion of their bodies in an experience without memory, without morals. A banquet for delight where gaze and touch intertwine, making gastronomy a use, usefulness an end, finitude a death, inertness a pleasure. An offering where the will becomes knife, fork, hand, eyes, touch, saliva, wine, blood...

> 14/04/2022 - Work presented at the ArtHall Gozo art gallery (Malta).
> 05/05/2022 - "What happened that night at Arthall?" Lecture and colloquium with the audience on the day of the premiere.

Artistic details

Idea, creation and performer: Óscar Nieto

Acknowledgements: Theresa Rappold