Miguel Deblas Escera

(Úbeda, 1994)  

Studied Acting at Réplika Teatro (2017, Madrid) and also Pathological Anatomy and Cytodiagnosis (2016, Guadalajara). Then studies Stage Direction and Dramaturgy at the Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático (2021, Madrid) and completed the Scuola Cònia - Tecnica della Rappresentazione (2019, Cesena) directed by Claudia Castellucci.

He attends dance and movement workshops with Carolina Pizarro (Odin Teatret) and Chevy Muraday.

In 2018, he worked as an actor in the play Tripas, directed by Óscar Nieto. Nave 73. Festival Imparables.

In 2019, he created his first play CAVAR UN AGUJERO, which he directed, wrote and acted in, premiered at RESAD;
also works in Pruebas para una sonoridad de lo poético, a series of residencies created and directed by Mikolaj Bielski at Réplika Teatro - Centro Internacional de Creación, in Prueba Nº 2 he works as director and performer (team: Mikolaj Bielski, Carlos Suero, Elena Juárez and Raúl Sacristán) and Prueba Nº 4 he works as performer (team: Mikolaj Bielski, Sergio Martínez-Vila, Carlos Gárate Marquerie, Lara Brown, Victor Colmenero Mir).

In 2020, he worked as an actor and playwright in the play Il senso della carne directed by George Marinov, which was selected for the CATALYSI residency at the Teatro Comandini (Societas) in Cesena;
works as an actor and assistant director in the play EUROPA. Los tutelados directed by Mikolaj Bielski and premiered at Nave 10 de Naves de Matadero;
he also works as a performer in the play CRUISING by Alejandría Cinque, at the Teatro el Musical, as part of the Russafa Escénica Festival;
lastly, he works as an actor in the event called Misterio, algarabía y celebración directed by Mikolaj Bielski at La Plaza de Matadero.

In 2021, he premiered his first play called Cicuta Contagiosa as a director, writer and actor, premiered at Réplika Teatro - Centro Internacional del Creación, during its rehearsal period ÉSKATON was founded;
he presents his Final Work of Studies at the RESAD, co-directed with George Marinov, called PORNOGRAFÍA and made up of two parts I. Military exercises to confuse ecstasy with agony and II. Vía-Crucis_Genitalis, on which work continues at present and hopes to be represented in the near future.