is an artistic group founded in Madrid in 2021 and formed by Miguel Deblas, George Marinov and Óscar Nieto. Its main activity is to study and confront the ultimate limits of art and life, using the dimensions and elements of theatre, with its obstacles and potentials, for the expression of a thought. From diverse professional and academic backgrounds, inside and outside the field of theatre, they coincide in the studies of Stage Direction and Dramaturgy at the Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático of Madrid (RESAD) as well as at Scuola Cònia - Tecnica della Rappresentazione, a three-year summer school directed by Claudia Castellucci (Socìetas Raffaelo Sanzio) in Italy. The simultaneous study in these two schools gives rise to the encounter of a common sense of contrast in the members, which is the seed for the search for a shared way of doing, a shared attitude and a shared language. Professionally, they meet for the first time during the creation of Cicuta Contagiosa (Contagious Hemlock), started by Miguel Deblas in 2019, and premiered in April 2021 at Réplika Teatro - Centro Internacional de Creación, Madrid.

ÉSKATON's creations are characterised by being the material result of a critical study of the history of art, philosophy and religion and by taking to the extreme the situations within the scene and the suspension of the meanings preconfigured by the spectator through the treatment of symbols and icons. The use of theatre for expression, in this case, leaves aside acting research as the main driving force and prioritises research through contact and artisanal experimentation with other artistic disciplines such as music, sculpture, painting, literature and action art. The bodies appear as an object that suffers the consequences of the other disciplines and whose action can only be that of sacrifice, destruction and dance.