Cicuta Contagiosa


Premiere on 9 April 2021 at Réplika Teatro - Centro Internacional de Creación (Madrid)

In Cicuta Contagiosa, justice happens. It is there. It neither comes nor goes. Justice imposes herself. By herself. Whoever wants to participate, participates. Who doesn't want to participate, leaves, or watches. When the doors of the theatre are closed, the law does not enter. If no spoilsport opens it or expresses a desire to open it, the law no longer exists. It can be considered the death of one of the spectators, or one of the actors, the rape of one of the people, the equal and effective distribution of accumulated wealth, the installation of explosive material near a column.  As long as the door remains closed, it can be considered. And, the most important thing, it can be done.

> 03/12/2021 - 05/12/2021 - Réplika Teatro l Centro Internacional de Creación (Madrid).
> 09/04/2021 - 11/04/2021  - Réplika Teatro l Centro Internacional de Creación (Madrid).

> 18/01/2021 to 08/04/2021 - Performance in artistic and technical residency at Réplika Teatro l Centro internacional de Creación (Madrid) in the programme Support system for creation: residencies for artists.

> 04/04/2021 - Practical workshop Técnica para morir durante una tarde (Technique to die for an afternoon) (+)

Cast and Creative

Direction and Dramaturgy: Miguel Deblas Escera
On Stage: Julia Solé, Óscar Nieto y Miguel Deblas Escera
Scenic Space and Lighting: George Marinov
Sound: Cristina Manuela
Assistant Direction and Dramaturgy: Joaquín Pérez Suarez
Assistant Producción: Raquel Vicente
Sculpture characterisation: Chema Castejón
Photography: Diego Roldán Villa


Socorro López Anadón - Réplika Teatro l Centro Internacional de Creación
In cooperation with Comunidad de Madrid

Supported by

Centro Cultural Paco Rabal - Comunidad de Madrid
INJUVE, Instituto de la Juventud


Teatro Comandini – Socìetas, Irene Pérez, Carla Silvan, Paula Castellano y Álvaro Vicente.