Ejercicios militares para confundir éxtasis con agonía

(Military exercises to confuse ecstasy with agony)

The piece begins with a particular and ridiculous video-agreement that the performers have filmed in the middle of the night, in a forest, riding a donkey. As in an official document they declare their commitment to the scene, almost in the way that porn film actors and actresses do; or as when someone decides to take part in an experiment for scientific research; or as when someone enlists in an army, giving their body to someone else's cause, leaving aside their own will and desires. Because of curiosity, maybe for fun, maybe because of the anguish of a life that doesn't change, maybe because of the unease of feeling profoundly weak in this world.

There begins a path towards decomposition. Divided into three exercises, where each body engages in a different way with the discourse that has constructed them.  Each exercise addresses the danger of dismantling this body of discourse. A danger that is the same that appears in the physical encounter between two or more bodies.

Official representations of sex (present in popular and digital culture) and the political tools that surround them (morality, education, law) aim to create the illusion of a world where this danger disappears, through norms, categories and agreements.

Here, however, the scene constitutes a parallelism with that encounter -a body-to-body encounter-, where danger is potency. To exalt this danger is to exalt potency.

This potency is that of change of form, of figure, of metamorphosis.

Artistic Details
Direction, stage space, lighting and costumes: Miguel Deblas Escera and George Marinov
Dramaturgy: Miguel Deblas Escera
On stage: Miguel Deblas, George Marinov, Júlia Solé
Sound Space: Cristina Manuela in collaboration with Rachel Heavey
Sound Destruktor: Victor Heitzmann
Press: Javier González; Adiria

Socorro López Anadón - Réplika Teatro l Centro Internacional de Creación

In collaboration with El Consulado (Valencia)
Acknowledgements: Carmen Menager, Óscar Nieto.

> 16/05/2023 - Festival Tara (Gran Canaria)
> 17/03/2023 - 19/03/2023 - Premier at Réplika Teatro - Centro Internacional de Creación (Madrid)

02/2022 - 03/2023 - Artistic residency at Réplika Teatro Centro Internacional de Creación.
> 23/01/2023 - 28/01/2023 - Artistic residency at El Consulado (Valencia).
> 06/05/2022 - 08/05/2022 -  Working Progress at Réplika Teatro Centro Internacional de Creación