(Palencia, 1987).

Graduated in Stage Direction at the Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático (RESAD) and has studied at various acting schools, specialising in physical theatre.

He has participated in more than twenty productions with different companies. In 2018 he signed his first direction under the title Tripas, followed in 2019 by alguien que puede decir yo como nadie and La crucifixión de Dionisos in 2020. He also participates, together with the artists Víctor Velasco and Claudia Faci in the creation of Ejercicios sobre la identidad (2018) and Simulacros sobre la identidad (2019). He also serves as assistant director to Víctor Velasco in Un idioma propio (2018), Furiosa Escandinavia (2017) and DiosK (2016).

Within the ÉSKATON group, he has participated in the piece Cicuta Contagiosa directed by Miguel Deblas, and Ejercicios para confundir éxtasis con agonía co-directed by Miguel Deblas and George Marinov.

He is currently continuing his studies at Scuola Cònia, Tecnica della Reppresentazione (Cesena, Italy) directed by Claudia Castellucci.